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of how many facts is reality made of

The eternal return

FAQ about yoga

 Can I make yoga when sick ?

Children's games

I spy

AI courses

Shacha Chua

how to update the firmware of stereos

Data science courses

How long did people spend cleaning their houses

According to Google one hour every day
Or 6 hours a week
In my experience it is even more
According to bard 6 hours per week

A way to capture your life

 Photos ?

how to change your reputation

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The concept of settling and the implication of fixation

“settling down” in a situation and a place;
• “settling in,” accommodating ourselves to our circum-
stances and our place;
• “settling up” with people we have displaced, unsettled,
or otherwise wronged in the process; and
• “settling for,” learning to make do in our newly settled
• “settling on” a belief or value, project or commitment,
way of being or way of living