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viernes, 5 de enero de 2024

on interpretation

Assuming Conference Interpreting is mainly a skill, very much like one of the more difficult sports, performed mainly by the interpreter's brain, it becomes important to realize that the most difficult exercises can only be performed by the interpreter if he can draw upon a solid reserve of automatic reflexes which allow him to free his mind for those parts of the interpretative process which need his fullest attention.

lunes, 25 de diciembre de 2023

How to distribute workload equally

Leading your life through KPI

KPI to control for everyaspect of my life 
quantity of water drunk 
Keep journal 
I really do not know what to control here , time worked ? so that I can keep a balance between work and free time, I am clearly exceeding the time I need to work

for 2023 I am currently working 

50 hours jatco
10 hous light house 
3 hours MARIOLA 
3 Hours Takenaka project
1 hour blanca 
1 hour julietta
that is like 70 hours 
out of 168 hours 
that is 

personal care , including sleeping 

56 hours sleep 
10 hours eating 
7 hours exercise 

I just have 26 hours free 

plus cleaning the house 1 hour everyday 
20 hours 

I need to think what to do 
I have 20 hours 
I am not neglecting 

heallth OK 100,000 hours 
soul INCLUDE  20000 hours 30 min journaling 30 min meditation 
work OK 100,000
knowledge INCLUDE 50,000 
social INCLUDE 10,000
love INCLUDE 20, 000

Humans attention span

Acording to a search on lgoogle humans can only retain attention for 15 20 minutes at most, this is useful, so that I can plan accordingly. 

dinamicas grupales

teaching methods

miércoles, 6 de diciembre de 2023

English activity to practice numbers: auction 競売 きょうばい

 I have it in my memory,the first time I used this activity was at upa university, I do not remember what book it was where I first found it , I just remember that it was a really fun activity. 

martes, 12 de septiembre de 2023

interés genuino

Genuine interest is atrue desire to learn more about something or someone. It is not just a plot gesture or an attempt to manipulate someone.

martes, 12 de julio de 2022

why do we forget to do the most basic tasks we should do? なぜ基本的なやるべき課題についてわすれってしまいますか。¿por qué nos olvidamos de las tareas más básicas que deberíamos hacer?

We tend to forget sporadic tasks. Tasks that are recurrent but whose recurrence is long in time. To avoid forgetting about those tasks the best way is to set a reminder. Not just in one source, but many. So in case that it accidentally gets erased we might, with good luck be able to retrieve it from somewhere else. As we have seen many times before, we cannot rely on our companions human beings to remind us. They also forget. We can just depend on ourselves. 

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2021

Instead of learning specific fields try to learn general skills such as management

The reasons I give are really simple.

1. You do not have to depend on any specific field, on the contrary you can change careers because you know the core skill.

2. If you specialize on a particular field, the risk of becoming jobless is high.