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you are not here to change anyone

You might influence them, but is they don't want to change they will not.

They will still try to control you by saying hurtful things such as , para que te quiero or pretending that nothing happened after they said something hurtful or not apologizing for what they have said, come on, they are adults, they know what they are doing. If they want to say hurtful things they will say them, you cannot control what they will say, but you can control how you will react what they are saying. Nagging about doing housework after sleeping all weekend and doing what they pleased. That is really bad. If someone really wants to change they will change without you forcing that change. You tell them once, twice maybe, but is they are not conscious after that by themselves it just means they are not that kind of people. 


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I eat just what I need
I drink just what I need
I take care of my body
I keep it clean
I excercise
Breathing properly makes me stronger 💪
Continuity becomes strength
I sleep what I need
I compile my thoughts
I do actions according to my will to life, power and meaning. 
I meditate everyday looking to be one with the universe.
I give my best
I try to get out of darkness to through knowledge
I live in society
I look for and give real love

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on interpretation

Assuming Conference Interpreting is mainly a skill, very much like one of the more difficult sports, performed mainly by the interpreter's brain, it becomes important to realize that the most difficult exercises can only be performed by the interpreter if he can draw upon a solid reserve of automatic reflexes which allow him to free his mind for those parts of the interpretative process which need his fullest attention.

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Short Definition of a Mentoring Relationship

            In a mentor-protégé relationship, the “mentor” is usually a more senior employee in the company (not necessarily from the same department), who has a considerable degree of expertise, experience, and ability. They can guide, develop, or assist less experienced employees (the “protégés”) in their growth and help them adapt to the organization. The “protégé” refers to the person who receives support and assistance from the supervisor in the supervisor- protégé relationship, usually a less experienced employee in the company.

sobre la excusa "se me hizo facil"

How to follow your will to power despite your boss will

What is the ideal time of observation before releasing a modification of project

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round up redondear,

January 3 2024 first day of work

 So today it was the first day of work of the year after xma vacations, a lot of things have changed,

I really do not love b anymnore , it is over bevause of her continous emotional abuse. She is kind of scary when she behaves like that. 

well anyways there have been a lot of people who quit at the company because they find a better position with less work hours and more pay. 

It is kind of sad, because they are not being grateful to the company that helped them grow. 

I reallly do not know what will happen in the future, today I also found that K is going to quit. 

she say s she is going to quit because she is going to USA. 

I had the opportunity to talk to R I learnt what it means to be a real man. 

a real man does not spread rumors. 

that is a real man and I like the way he thinks 

also I was learning about how to adjust people required for the production. 

There are some categories in which people you need can fall into 

there is the categorie PIC 

event and technical. 

each of the people in those categories have its functions. 

also there is the proportion of people for aiding when there is training  vacation or absences. 

I wish I can put all my life in this paper as shashachua recommends. 

But more important than that is the fact that you give yourself the time to reflect. 

Also I am having troubles with my toxic woman. 

I was talking also with M today, just for like an hour. 

It is nice to be with her. 

I am afraid of B on the other hand, she researched about me and she knows a lot about me.

that is scary , I wish I could run away. 

I know I need to do more yoga. 

acoridng to the plan . no more no less. 

just my hour every day. 

and I would be fine. 

I lost 39 minutes discussing with Barbara. 

I really do not like to discuss . and more because what she says has no logic. 

every dday it is worst 

she is worse

we were fighing 


she was pulling my clothes. 
I was afraid for an instant. 

first in the warehouse we were talkint about th eimportance of not having inventory. 

becasue inventory is money. 

but it looks that there are meny delays from the company who takes the product to the final customer, 

also it happened today that I did not check the schedule thourrouhly and I was almost abandoned. 

I like C also. I find her sy 

but keep this a secret please. 

Then we went back to our alma matter. S 1 

there the system for entering and going out is not very effective and anyone could go in and out whenever they want. 

I was not very humgry today. 

so I did not eat any breakfast. 

I had japanese food for lunch though 

this is like a summary of my day 

but of course these words are not enougjh 

also my friend S e is still very sad becasue of his GF YA

ruidos que se oyen en reuniones online


edit Wikipedia at work to be united to the whole