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martes, 5 de noviembre de 2019

Human Resources Marketing and Recruiting.

Rapid economic changes, skill shortages, changing candidate expectations, new
technologies, and the advent of better people analytics are key factors that impact
how organizations recruit talent in today’s globalized society.
However, most recruiting organizations are not prepared for this rapidly
changing environment. According to a recent study, only 13 % of the 297 companies surveyed believe that their recruiting function is fully optimized
(Erickson et al. (2014) High-impact talent acquisition – findings and maturity
Model. Retrieved from
This chapter will provide Human Resources and business leaders with a
comprehensive overview of key aspects of high-performance recruiting as well
as tactical tips and tricks on how to optimize the function.
Readers will gain the following insights from this overview chapter:
• Learn about the history and definition of HR Marketing and Recruiting
• Identify key pillars of a strategic recruiting function
• Consider the perspectives of various stakeholder groups, especially those of
the candidate and hiring manager
• Calculate the business case for investment in HR Marketing and Recruiting
• Identify key metrics to measure the performance of recruiting
• Learn about different candidate sourcing channels and how to optimize the
source mix
• Understand legal considerations and learn about key risks to recruiting such as
selection bias and brand exposure
• Learn about organizational models for structuring of the recruiting function
• Identify ways to optimize the recruiting process
• Understand how technology can enable the recruiting process
• Learn about future trends that are impacting HR Marketing and Recruiting