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lunes, 4 de enero de 2021

My friend Eriko馃挏

Something I remember very dearly is all the pieces of advice she gave me.

About body posture, how to be a gentleman.
How to see the good inside everyone.

I need to keep in touch with her more

My friend Hugo.

My friend Hugo. 

We have known each other since we were just children.
Is it the reason we are still friends?
Because we remember of those good ages when we did not worry and just spent the time enjoying?

My friend Arely

She used to sit on the back part of the class at University.
I used to sit in the front part.
We went out (with a group of other friends) sometimes.
However when we graduated from University our fates went in different paths.

Sometimes or paths crossed. But I never really took advantage of those opportunities either.

Now I regret ( actually I apologized to her for all that wasted time that I wasn't able to learn from her and her group of friends).

Now she lives in Europe and has a fancy job.
I feel proud of her.

My friend Eduard

He comes from the bottom. He started from being in the lowest position in the company. Now he has gotten a better position and has some people at his charge.

However he is one of the people who does not feel he is more because he is in that position. He is able to get along well with people in lower position and also on higher ranks than him.
This is probably because he is humble.

Even if he doesn't agree on the decision higher rank people make he follows.

Who would not want an employee like him?