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lunes, 25 de diciembre de 2023

Leading your life through KPI

KPI to control for everyaspect of my life 
quantity of water drunk 
Keep journal 
I really do not know what to control here , time worked ? so that I can keep a balance between work and free time, I am clearly exceeding the time I need to work

for 2023 I am currently working 

50 hours jatco
10 hous light house 
3 hours MARIOLA 
3 Hours Takenaka project
1 hour blanca 
1 hour julietta
that is like 70 hours 
out of 168 hours 
that is 

personal care , including sleeping 

56 hours sleep 
10 hours eating 
7 hours exercise 

I just have 26 hours free 

plus cleaning the house 1 hour everyday 
20 hours 

I need to think what to do 
I have 20 hours 
I am not neglecting 

heallth OK 100,000 hours 
soul INCLUDE  20000 hours 30 min journaling 30 min meditation 
work OK 100,000
knowledge INCLUDE 50,000 
social INCLUDE 10,000
love INCLUDE 20, 000

Toxic phrases i to avoid in a conversation

Nunca me ayudas a nada

martes, 12 de septiembre de 2023

interés genuino

Genuine interest is atrue desire to learn more about something or someone. It is not just a plot gesture or an attempt to manipulate someone.

martes, 2 de mayo de 2023

Arely the girl I used to love

They were the first to have computer in pilar Blanco. She was brunette cute

martes, 5 de abril de 2022

proportion of women that are my type.

Talking about physical experience, I am not that demanding. In fact, not demanding at all. The reason is that I like every other woman. A proportion of 50 percent. 

martes, 16 de noviembre de 2021

women to take care from in dating apps

Women like Helen
They just want to go out for free.
I am not looking for that kind of dependent woman 

martes, 22 de junio de 2021


"E" is a very strong woman, she hurt her ankle the other day. I wish someday I can win get heart fully. It is true that in the beginning we were both very immature, I will do my best for this to work. But even if things do not go well, still I want to be with her until the end, I have decided. 

domingo, 11 de abril de 2021

I do not mean to offend anyone for what I write here.

I did not mean you too see this blog.

You have been putting a lot of effort in analyzing this blog.

It is not with malice, unlike you that you even go out of your way to tell me what you have been doing (just what  you can tell me, of course there are many other things that you do that you don't  tell me) , that I post what I post. 
The other day I shared the definition, according to law, of crime with malice. So seeing it from a cold perspective, you are worse than I am. You do it with the purpose of hurting. The way you speak to me, well, this is fate, and this is future. I wish you success, truly, from the bottom of my heart. 
I will not speak ill of you, because after all this was a painful experience that helped me grow and become a stronger human being. 

jueves, 11 de junio de 2020

freedom and love

Freedom should be the first choice always. It does not matter how much you love someone or something.
I want to make a piece of safety that expresses this dilemma and the pain that I suffer for it.
It came from a happening of the day 10 of June, after having removed my face shield I was told by my boss , " what a relief' I told her: yes, freedom. Then today in the morning I was wondering myself, what would I do if I were given the choice to sacrifice my freedom for the love I profess to my company ( because I owe it do much) however in the second it starts to try to compete with your freedom then something is wrong. I consider you should move on.