domingo, 30 de junio de 2024

my childhood

Particularly the first ten years

who am I in love?

who am I as a friend?

who am I when keeping health?

who am I in leasure?

who I am with work?

what is the meaning of life?

For me, as for Socrates, the meaning of life is learning and contributing to society with that knowledge. That is why we are here. However with the emergence of AI, our purpose will be taken from us. Should my purpose be feeding the AI monster? 
What should be my purpose now? 
Keeping my health is undoubtedly one.
For that, as for anything else, you need knowledge. 

Who are you?

I am the combination of all the contents written and unwritten in this blog, It is a daunting project to describe myself thoroughly. 

Simple question, complex task.

I hope, someday I will be able to do so. 
I really want to write more, like shasha Chua 

jueves, 6 de junio de 2024

proportion of time

The ideal time allocation for each life area varies for everyone, depending on personal values and goals. However, a balanced approach might look like this:
 * Health: 30% (sleep, exercise, nutrition, mental well-being)
 * Soul: 20% (meditation, reflection, spiritual practices)
 * Work: 25% (career, studies, personal projects)
 * Knowledge: 10% (learning, reading, personal growth)
 * Society: 5% (community involvement, volunteering)
 * Friends: 5% (socializing, maintaining relationships)
 * Love: 5% (romantic relationships, family time)
Remember, this is just a suggestion. It's essential to customize these percentages to reflect your own priorities and needs.

marca personal