lunes, 18 de julio de 2016

ESSAY STRUCTURE the introduction

The general Structure.
It seems logical that before you try to put a jigsaw puzzle together you should have a good idea what the shape of the finished product will be . this is also true when it comes to writing an essay. Before you spend time writing and revising , you should decide what it is you are trying to create.

Just about all essays have three basic parts :


In  college writing the standard short essay  is between 350 and 500 words long . This usually means that your essay will have a one paragraph introduction , a three paragraph body  and a one paragraph conclusion,

The parts
The  introduction

The introduction is the first section of your essay . This makes it extremely important, because  first impressions are often lasting ones. Your introduction should be interesting to your readers. If it is dull and matter of fact , the chances are it will turn them off , and they will not read further. Besides stimulating your readers´ interest , your introduction has a structural purpose : It should state the essay´s main idea or thesis statement. This statement is called the controlling idea. The controling idea is what tells your readers what the essay they are reading will be about. Without a clearly stated controlling idea , your essay will seem to be just a loose collection of unrelated statements.

The controlling idea brings your essay into focus , giving it direction and drawing its ideas together.
Usually put at the end of your introduction, the controllin idea is the central element  of your essay. because it indicates what points you will discuss in detail inte body of your essay.

Generally , the introduction to a short essay is a full paragraph , not just a single sentence .It usually begins with remarks designed to interest you readers. As it progresses , your introduction should gradually narrow its focus , and move from intrductory remarks to controlling idea smoothly and logically. The shape of your introductory paragraph should look something like this.

general introductory remarks.............................Controlling idea.

keep in mind that the purpose of your introduction is t arouse interest and introduce your controlling idea, not to present a full discussion of your topic . development of the major points of you r essay is the job of the next section of you r essay , the body paragraphs.