jueves, 28 de septiembre de 2017

A love letter to Erika

Why do I love you so much?

I am better because I try to please you, I do not want to ever stop pleasing you

You are my priority

the food tastes better with you by my side
the coffee has a greater effect
I look better when we take a photo together
I have a purpose in my life
I am fitter because of you
you give me compassion when I need it
you make me learn things I supposed I knew but I did not really
you love me with passion
you make my heart feel like bouncing
you shake my life
you make me be realistic
you make me feel like a man
I always enjoy conversation with you
you listen to my boring talk
you accepted me and you will continue to accept me even when noone would .
you are the spiritual part of my life
you allow me to support you
you are a hardworking woman so you inspire me to work
you help weak people
for teaching me how to love you
that you have the conviction to be together no matter what
we love the same weather

hasta ocho de noviembre