lunes, 20 de agosto de 2018

Facts on a cheating partner.

I call her
She tells me she is going for some bread
That is unnecessary information.
Then I send her many messages and she replies with a smiling face.
Usually she does that when she is paying attention to something else, like when she is going out with friends. Or she is with someone.
I call her , she does not answer
She tells me it is late that she needs to run. I call her , I can hear she is talking with someone.

When I call her again she hangs up on me. Then she gets mad and tells me I just want to control her.
Then she behaves very sweet like in the beginning.

Days later I check her phone calls record , it is erased. I keep pressing and asking about the matter. She keeps getting mad. She tells me it is over.

I tell her I just want reassurance.

I am ready to face anything even divorce. I slept on it.