lunes, 19 de agosto de 2019

Mexico and the change of century: Openness to foreign economy and policy


The cold war came to an end in _______
when the soviet union dissintegrated 15 new countries were born.
Soviet union was in eastern Europe
Countries changed from being communist to being democratic

The EU was created in
Namibia became independent in
Angola war was over in

The arabic israel conflic started

The war between Kosovo and Chechenia was from

The war against the terrorism started in

All of this is the post cold war

In 1998 PRI ruled Mexico

The first time Mexico allows international observers during an election was in 1988

The PRD was called FDN in the beginning

TLCAN was given gradually after some small changes that led to its sign in 1994

During this period the ruling party changed for the first time in history from PRI to PAN

Mexico has some traditional positions towards foreign policy

no intervention and sovereight protection
However these principles became a little bit more flexible in the interest of economy.

For instance

Salinas government Mexico belonged to the following regional economic organizations


During Zedillos government there was an economic crisis. Also is government was forced by the international system to adopt some radical national changes regarding human and political rights. Finally, by accomplishing these requirements Mexico could get some benefits such as a trade agreement with the European Union.

Some meaningful examples of these are the following. 

Because during Zedillos government there were some political radical changes this led in the end to the change of regime.
The regime changed from PRI to PAN.

During his regime Fox had great political power, given to him by the change. This political strenght let him produce non reversible political changes in the legal mexican system and with regards to the international system.
Some examples are

non permanent seat in the UN security council 
bigger role in the OEA
Lots of treaties

Fox main purpose was to improve Mexico USA relations, to improve migratory contidions
but 9 11 happened and that was not possible anymore because of USA more strict measures against

During Calderon government the most important and controversial agreement was the Merida initiative.