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how do I start practicing telepathy

Everyone can practice and even master telepathy. And this is absolutely free!

Telepathy is the transmission of information, thoughts, and feelings between people without using any known human sensory channels or physical interaction. Simplified, telepathy is the ability to read and influence people’s minds regardless of distance and even time. Everyone probably has experienced this ability to some degree at least once or spontaneously in their lives. However, under certain conditions telepathy can be practiced at will.

These 2 conditions are imperative before practicing telepathy:

  1. Your intentions for using this power should be only for the good. No destructive thoughts should enter your mind.
  2. You should be able to master inner silence and perfect calmness first. For that reason you might want to practice the following:

Mastering Telepathy and Remote Viewing exercises:

And now, after you have practiced and achieved the inner silence and calmness, start your daily telepathy and in this case remote viewing training as well:

a) Try to imagine an apartment or a house of a person you know. Mentally open the door(s) and go inside. Step by step, examine in detail each room with your inner observation. You may write it down on a piece of paper or record yourself describing what you see if you wish. Compare your results the next time you find yourself physically in that house.

b) Practice reading the mood and physical condition of other people. Again, you might want to record what you “see” on paper or on a voice recorder. Choose the person you know and, preferably, who is aware and agrees to be an object of your exercise. Describe where they are, what they are wearing, their state of health, emotions, and thoughts. At the earliest opportunity, compare your telepathic observations with reality at that specific time. With practice, your telepathic and remote viewing observations will be more and more accurate. And, after about 30 days of daily training, you should achieve good results.

c) After having mastered the 2 previous exercises, you will be ready to move on to observing the unknown objects, locations, events, and, finally, unknown people.

With some experience under your belt, you may also practice managing tasks and complex problems in your life. The sky is the limit.

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