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There isn't a single, universally agreed-upon number for the exact amount of communicative functions, as it depends on the specific framework or theory you're referencing. However, here are some of the most common breakdowns:

Basic Functions:

6 Function Approach: This is often used in Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and identifies six core functions: requesting, protesting, describing, commenting, asking and answering questions, and engaging in social routines.
7 Function Approach: This adds "expressing feelings" as a separate category to the 6 function approach.
More Expansive Frameworks:

Halliday's Functions of Language: This model breaks down language into seven functions: instrumental (getting things done), regulatory (controlling behavior), representational (representing the world), interactional (establishing social relationships), personal (expressing self), imaginative (creating fictional worlds), and heuristic (learning and exploring).
Jakobson's Functions of Language: This model identifies six functions: referential (conveying information), phatic (establishing and maintaining contact), expressive (expressing emotions and attitudes), poetic (focusing on the form of the message), conative (influencing the receiver), and metalingual (referring to language itself).
Additional Considerations:

Some frameworks further categorize functions based on age, situation, or cultural context.