jueves, 21 de noviembre de 2019

being mediocre

Everybody insists: Be remarkable, be genius, be this and be that.

But, how many people actually have acted on such advice? The answer is: just 1%.

Because, being remarkable sounds like a lot of effort, a lot of thinking, and a lot of sacrifices.

People find it attractive to hear such great and powerful words. Sure, everybody wants to become remarkable. Everyone wants to be known as a master or someone who has nailed the success formula.

Everyone wants but can't achieve mastery! See, isn't this interesting?

Why is that?

Here's why: When a person decides to be remarkable, her false beliefs come in the way. False beliefs, in the sense that she will see a lot of faults, shortcomings in her life than positive things about herself. Some false beliefs she got from what she has been told since here childhood. And some false beliefs she adopted through her own experience in life.

When she aims at being remarkable, she will imagine that, 'being remarkable means doing everything beyond average, and see I even can't do it at a lower standard'. She will think, 'for being remarkable, I will need to have a lot of resources, time and opportunities, but I don't have any of them at my disposal'.

Such false beliefs will never make anybody remarkable but even that person won't be a medicre too. Because, out of fear and false beliefs, she will never dare to act.

What, I think, would work better is to let people be mediocre first. We should just be aiming at being average. We should remain realistic while having passion for whatever we want to be.

When I am asking someone to just be average, encouraging her to show me whatever she has done, she will be more comfortable in actually working on it, knowing I won't laugh. There are many people who have potential for doing something great, but they never give their potential a try because they know that their work will be average. And that the world just laughs at the average work. Everybody wants you to be remarkable.

In order to make our family members, staff members, collegues, wife, and, son remarkable, first we should encourage them to be mediocre. Appreciate their skills, their poor writing or poor email draft. This way, they will feel confident about their work. It will be fun for them to do an average thing and then letting you see it.

Encourage people to come up with anything they have done. Encourage them to forget about being good, just ask them to focus on their own creativity, help them meet their potential.

And if the person whom you want to change is you; do the same thing. Make yourself happy with being average. The first step has to taken at zero-point, after all. Learn, make mistakes and be proud of yourself for being enough bold to do something . The more you will be willing to work, to show it to your friends, the more you will have courage to excel in whatever you do.

Don't be afraid of being average. If you are taking productive actions, and are actually making decisions, and holding yourself responsible for them, you are far better than people who are not taking action at all.

You know, there are only 01% of people who are creating something on internet. 99% of people are just looking at the screens. So, its wise to be in the league of creators. No matter how bad you are in creating your thing but still you are in group of people who are making the difference. The more you will produce lousy work today, the better it will make you tomorrow. :)

How your lousy work will make you better tomorrow, you ask. Because, with practice you will get better on a daily basis. All you have to do is to just make a decision and produce something without worrying for high quality. If you will worry for high quality, you won't even be producing low quality. So, embrace low quality and from there on go to higher quality of anything you want.