domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2019

¿Cómo evitar ser despistado? How to avoid being absent minded?

I think I neeed to exert my observation power and practice more mindfulness .

The way to acquire mindfulness is by practicing it.

If I were more observative I  would have been able to know that the german and the mexican were mad because I parked incorrectly.

This is something deep
also when he scolded me I had better apologize.

I am a little bit mad, because it was not my intention to piss anyone. 7

I really did not know about the way to park

next time I will bring candies for him or some cookies or something.

but to start , how can I know how to avoid those common sense mistakes, may be only through experience.

I am not bad , really , I really did not notice I would  piss someone off.

If I had known he was going to be pissed I would not have parked there.

It is like when I used to misspark at el campestre and I pissed some people on the way.

But anyway it is not the right way to teach someone.
I firmly believe a good leader knows how to teach.

Es lo que me estaba diciendo Abel la otra vez sobre evitar ser tosco. y tratar a los demás de la misma forma que me gustaría que me trataran.