miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2020

How to excercise the eyes.

1. Sit in position in a chair or lying in bed roll your eyes up as far as you can hold them in a position for a few seconds so you can feel the most muscular pull then roll the eyes down as far as you can holding again then roll them as far as possible to the left then to the right position for a count of three.

these should be started gradually like all the exercise the first time you try it do it only once or twice then repeat after a few hours,  this time increasing the count to three or four after a few days to the exercise 10 times in succession.

2. a similar exercise also for strengthening the eyes was rolling the eyes in all directions.

3. Other exercise for outdoors in the sunshine is looking at the sun but blinking very rapidly then repeating the process  with the other eye,  this keeps the lens of the eye functioning  properly.