jueves, 21 de mayo de 2020

Me and tobacco

It is not a secret that I love strong flavors. I prefer esspresso over american coffee. I prefer wodka over tequila. I prefer bitter coccoa over sweet chocolate. but it was not until very recently that I found my like for cigars over normal cigarretes. Since then I ocassionally Smoke. My brother says that it is the only vice that has not effect whatsoever, ( just in health)  in your life. Some people will say it relaxes you. I would say cigars have that effect, but not normal cigarrettes. Those only leave you stinking. A good flavor on your mouth tougth. 

I love to smoke cigars specially when it is dark, cloudy and raining. Or when it is cold winter. I like the contrast. You know , the traditional good and bad, dark and white.