domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2020

How to engage people to get a better climate.

 (1) You observe

an act of kindness (someone demonstrating caring for another

person or for the environment) when going about your daily

routine. (2) You personally thank the individual for caring to

reward this response. (3) You then give the person a special

green AC4P wristband (see Fig. 1; also visit

and ask the individual to pass it on when s/he sees someone

else engaged in AC4P behavior. (4) You ask the person to

share the story of this exchange on social media and tag the

event with the code imprinted on the wristband. Through this

process, cultural awareness of caring is fostered. Dr. Geller

and his team (Fig. 2) have formalized the AC4P Movement

in elementary, middle, and high schools to establish

more empathic cultures where interpersonal conflicts

and bullying are reduced while AC4P behaviors are

promoted. In doing so, tragic outcomes from bullied

students have been prevented.