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1990. Video, TV seri e s . D I R : Aki h i ko Takahash i , Akira N i s h i mori . SCR :

Noboru Aikawa. DES : Tony Ta keza k i , Fujio a d a , Toru N agas u k i . AN I : Fuj i o

a d a , H i royu ki Kitazu m e . M U S : Kaoru Mizuta n i . P R D : Artm i c , Yo umex, Ale. 40

m i n s . x 3 e ps . , 2 5 m i n s . x 12 e p s .

A dark spin-off from Toshimichi


concentrates on the AD (vanced) anti­robot crime division of Mega Tokyo's

police force. Leon McNicol, a minor

character in the original series, is part­

nered here with butch lady-cop Gena

in several investigations that play with

ideas of humanity i n a high-tech soci­

ety. The "voomer" robots here are all

female i n the man 's world of the ADP,

where only women who are prepared

to become one with machines stand a

chance in it. Whereas this device was

used in Bubblegum Crisis as an excuse

for girls with impressive h igh-tech kits,

here it is far more misogynistic, as

femininity is gradually eroded by bion­

ics and prosthetics, taking characte rs'

humanity with it. A businesswoman,

for example, is only successful in the

boardroom after she has a hysterec­

tomy, but the trauma turns her into a

serial killer. There are shades of Blade

Runner in the sex-android stalker that

locks onto the man who i njured her,

and there are also blatant steals from

Robocop in the final chapter, wherein

one of Gena's ex-boyfriends receives so

much augmentation that his tongue is

the only part of his original body that


Canceled after j ust three of the

planned five episodes, the franchise

was not revived until 1 999, in the wake

of the Bubblegum Crisis 2040 remake, as

a 1 2-part lV Tokyo series directed by

Hidehito Ueda. The new AD Police was

a far shallower affair, ditching many of

the old characters in favor of a buddy­

movie cliche between rapid-response

robot-crime cop Takeru Sasaki and his

new partner, Hans Krier. Clearly made

with half an eye on the overseas market

(all the other leads have foreign names

like Paul Sanders, Liam Fletcher,

and Nancy Wilson ) , the melting-pot

remake is something of a disappoin t­


The franchise was briefly resurrect­

ed in Parasite Dolls ( 2003 ) , a th ree-part

video series directed by Kazuto Naka­

zawa, focusing on a clandestine branch

of the AD Police, called, somewhat

unimaginatively, Branch. The story

fOCllses on Buzz, an officer like writer

Chiaki Konaka's earlier Ross Sylibus in

ARMITAGE III, who is transferred to an

unattractive new posting and forced to

cooperate with a detested robot part­

ner. Parasite Dolls also exists in a movie­

length edit, which is the version most

commonly found outside Japan. �