domingo, 17 de abril de 2022



There are many theories on how to survive jet lag—

the adjustment to a long trip into a different time

zone. Some multinational corporations take jet lag so

seriously that they do not allow employees to make

business decisions on the first day abroad. Most

experts agree on several techniques: Eat lightly for

several days before departing, avoid dehydration

while flying by drinking plenty of nonalcoholic

liquids; take frequent strolls around the plane to

keep your blood circulating; if possible, get some

rest on the flight; use ear plugs, an eye mask, and

an inflatable neck collar to make sleep easier. If you

arrive early in the morning, take an after-lunch nap,

get up for some exercise and dinner, then go to

bed at the regular new time. If you arrive at your

destination in the afternoon or later, skip the nap

and try to sleep late the next morning. In countries

where massage or saunas are standard hotel service,

indulge yourself on the evening of arrival to help you

sleep soundly that night