viernes, 8 de diciembre de 2023

when someone purposefully hurts you

Yesterday we were talking, she told me my family bores her, in that moment I did not give it much importance. But in that moment I should have told her something.

This morning I remembered she had said that, I told her it hurts when she says that, I told her, that is hurtful , it is the same as if I tell her family the same. 

She did not care, and she reaffirmed what she had said by saying: it is just the truth, so in that moment I got angry, it is not because of what she said but because of her selfish attitude. She doesn't care if she hurts my feelings. She doesn't think. It is just like the previous one. In this moment I feel very sad, and i think, then she should get a boyfriend whose family is a good fit for her. She says she doesn't want to go to spend xmas with my family. She says that she wants to go with her family. 

That is fine, but it is not fine to hurt other people's feelings.