miércoles, 1 de marzo de 2017

About the importance of personal development in a long term relationship.

I have been wondering how to make passionate love last forever since I do not remember when . Well, I have been reading tons of scientific papers about it , and one  fact that has shocked me is that for a long term relationship to be successful it is necessary to foster mutual personal progress and growth . But the term progress and groth will vary greatly from person to person . also I was thinking about the importance of the kind of job you do, If you are miserable at the job you do , then yo ucannot be happy inside a relation . I am happy with my job so I am pretty confident that I can make anyone happpy.because I am myself happy.Well as I was saying above, we have to foster mutual growth and the concept will vary fromperson to person . well to me that growth is to acquire knowledge and built up experience throught that knowledge. because I have some skills related to my job area I am able to be happy , If I did not have the skill I would not be happy .So that would be a condicion to be really happy at work , however you can get good at your job with the pass of time. as you  build experience and then you know it is impossible to separate from it . Well in my  case it is pretty easy to make myself happy , I just go to a book store or check on the internet and as long as I can learn something I would be happy . The problem comes when you do not even know yourlself and you are still looking for the ideal job . Well I realize that money is just a mean to happiness , so I do not care much about possessing but just the neccessary. I do not want to have many cars , or live in a luxury house. I just  want to be able to control what I already own . what I really crave for is for knowledge .The company I am working at would give that opportunity . also some of the people who work there are really interesting . for instance my friend Ulises who works not only at the company where I work too but also has a Yoga school .He told me about the secret to live forever through energy control and I am really interested about the subject because I really woould love to live forever. I am still researching about it . Well I just wanted to share this thought with you . I will keep on doign my best while I am alive.