domingo, 8 de abril de 2018

Remembering sentences

C.70 Remembering sentences
Aim: to practise memorization, and be introduced to consecutive.

You will need: someone (probably a teacher) who can prepare simple sentences.

This is an exercise that's useful at an early stage in the study of consecutive.

One person reads out a single simple sentence. Another repeats, or paraphrases, the sentence in the same language without having taken any notes (see no. 1 in the example below). This should be relatively simple. So the next step is take a longer sentence, with more information, but one which still expresses a single idea* (see no. 2 in the example below and the glossary for the definition of ‘idea’ used in this book). Again, the other person repeats or paraphrases the sentence in the same language without having taken any notes.

Next, one person reads out two simple sentences (two ideas*) joined by a logical link (no. 3 in the example below). The other person interprets. Initially it will probably be easier for your teacher to prepare the sentences rather than you, but as you get the hang of it you can also do this exercise on your own.

Example (Gillies) Gillies, Andrew. Conference Interpreting. Routledge, 20130724. VitalBook file.