miércoles, 11 de abril de 2018

Read specialist magazines

5 Read specialist magazines
Aim: to acquire the general knowledge that educated native speakers have in a broad range of subjects (from the viewpoint of that country).

You will need: a specialist newsagent, a specialist magazine, internet connection to look up terms, a notepad.

Buy specialist magazines (Aeroplanes Today!; Potholing Weekly; Market Gardeners' Monthly; Trainspotter etc.). They will all have explanations of how things work, as well as a good selection of semi-technical terminology. The most useful terms will be those that come up several times in one edition; look up and note these. Don't worry about terms that appear only once.

If you buy several specialist magazines on the same subject over a period of 3–6 months, the terminology and subjects that are repeated will give you a sound grounding in that subject area. This exercise will not only give you a broad range of vocabulary in semi-technical subjects but may also help to cultivate the curiosity that is important for interpreters. Read a few of this type of magazine and you may well find yourself developing a real interest in areas you thought you would find boring! (Gillies)Gillies, Andrew. Conference Interpreting. Routledge, 20130724. VitalBook file.