sábado, 2 de mayo de 2020

The History of the Fork

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A fork is a utensil, or tool, that people use while eating. Forks have a handle at one end. At the other end, there are three or four long, thin pieces called tines. You can put food on the tines and then bring the tines to your mouth.
Humans have used forks for thousands of years. No one knows when the first fork was made. They were used in ancient Greece, Egypt, and even China. The Roman Empire brought forks to Western Europe. But forks did not become very popular in Europe until around 500 years ago. Forks became very useful because people started to eat more pasta, such as spaghetti. Europeans later brought forks to America.
Not every culture uses forks. In some places, it is traditional to eat with your hands. In other places, chopsticks are used instead.
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