martes, 5 de febrero de 2019

El arte de amar ovidio

Ars Amatoria” (“The Art of Love”) is a collection of 57 didactic poems (or, perhaps more accurately, a burlesque satire on didactic poetry) in three books by the Roman lyric poet Ovid, written in elegiac couplets and completed and published in 1 CE. The poem provides teaching in the areas of how and where to find women (and husbands) in Rome, how to seduce them and how to prevent others from stealing them.

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A very brief general summary of the three books of the “Ars Amatoria” may be listed as follows:



Part I: His task.
Part II: How to find her.
Part III: Search while you are out walking.
Part IV: At the theatre.
Part V: At the races or the circus.
Part VI: Triumphs are good too.
Part VII: At the dinner table.
Part VIII: At the beach.
Part IX: How to win her.
Part X: First secure the maid.
Part XI: Do not forget her birthday.
Part XII: Write and make promises.
Part XIII: Be whereever she is.
Part XIV: Look presentable.
Part XV: At dinner be bold.
Part XVI: Promise and deceive.
Part XVII: Tears, kisses and taking the lead.
Part XVIII: Be pale and be wary of your friends.
Part XIX: Be flexible.


Book 2:

Part I: His task.
Part II: You need gifts of mind.
Part III: Be gentle and good tempered.
Part IV: Be patient and comply.
Part V: Do not be faint-hearted.
Part VI: Win over the servants.
Part VII: Give her little tasteful gifts.
Part VIII: Favour her and compliment her.
Part IX: Comfort her in sickness.
Part X: Let her miss you (but not for too long).
Part XI: Have other friends (but be careful).
Part XII: On the use of aphrodisiacs.
Part XIII: Stir her jealousy.
Part XIV: Be wise and suffer.
Part XV: Respect her freedom.
Part XVI: Keep it secret.
Part XVII: Do not mention her faults.
Part XVIII: Never ask about her age.
Part XIX: Do not rush.
Part XX: The task is complete (for now...).

Book 3:

Part I: Now it is time to teach the girls.

Part II: Take care with how you look.

Part III: Taste and elegance in hair and dress.

Part IV: Make-up, but in private.

Part V: Conceal your defects.

Part VI: Be modest in laughter and movement.

Part VII: Learn music and read the poets.

Part VIII: Learn dancing and games.

Part IX: Be seen around.

Part X: Beware of false lovers.

Part XI: Take care with letters.

Part XII: Avoid the vices, favour the poets.

Part XIII: Try young and older lovers.

Part XIV: Use jealousy and fear.

Part XV: Play cloak and dagger.

Part XVI: Make him believe he is loved.

Part XVII: Watch how you eat and drink.

Part XVIII: And so to bed....


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